Andollo Contracting Services, Inc.



STEP 1. Initial Consultation.

The initial consultation is conducted at the site of the proposed renovation project. This appointment can be set by contacting our office where we will gather some background information from you to prepare for your appointment.  There is no cost or obligation from either party for this appointment. It simply allows both parties to examine the existing structure and discuss the client's ideas. Ballpark budgets will also be discussed at this time. If the homeowner or business owner wishes to pursue the project further, a design agreement will be drawn up to move on to step two.

STEP 2. Design: Contract & Process

The design contract begins the design process. The contract outlines the fee that will be charged to design the proposed project and what services will be provided. Once the contract is signed and the design fee is paid, the design team goes to work.The client may be asked to fill out a questionnaire as to how they use the space and how they anticipate using the space once the remodel is completed. Field measurements are taken and the design team develops conceptual renderings for the client’s review. The client is then asked to review the renderings and inject their revisions or approval. Once a final set of renderings is agreed upon, a proposal is developed to build the project and present to the client.The client can then proceed on to the construction contract or stop the process at this stage. If the client enters into a construction contract, the design fee will be credited to the construction contract. If the owner stops at this stage, the renderings belong to the owner and there is no further obligation from either party.

STEP 3. Construction: Contract & Process

The construction contract is based on the renderings and proposal that the client  has reviewed and approved. The construction contract will spell out the scope of work and the cost involved along with a payment schedule. It also discusses required insurance. 

Once the contract has been signed and a down payment has been received, the construction team goes to work. The designer converts the conceptual renderings to working drawings. A pre-construction conference will be held with the homeowner to meet the superintendent and lead carpenter who will be heading up their project. A job site notebook will be provided that outlines the scope of work, the projected schedule and a list of selections the owner will need to make.

Appointments will be made for the owner to visit the showrooms needed to make their final selections. Depending on the size of the project, bi-weekly production meetings with the client will also be scheduled. The purpose of the production meetings is to ensure the client’s wishes are being carried out and to regularly review the work being done and explain what work is going to take place next.

During the construction process, the homeowner can reach the office daily or by cell phone after hours and on weekends. The superintendent and lead carpenter can be reached by mobile phone.

Although we cannot promise no mess or no fumes, we will do our best to tidy up the work site at the end of each day. We realize we are in your home and we will respect your property.

STEP 4. Final Walkthrough

When your job is substantially finished, we will do a walk through with you at your home to ensure complete satisfaction. Occasionally, final details may be needed and can usually be completed within one week.

STEP 5. Satisfaction/Warranty

The conclusion of your renovation project is a most gratifying and fulfilling experience! Our job is not complete until ALL of the details have come together to your complete satisfaction ensuring you have a finished  project that you will enjoy for many years to come.   

Once the project is completed, ACS will warranty the workmanship performed. ACS will call the client 30 days after the project’s completion to see if any items need to be adjusted or corrected. We will then call in 11 months to verify everything is in good working order. If not, we will return in a timely manner to fix or adjust any items not performing properly.

The majority of our work comes from our repeat clients and from the referrals they make.It is our goal is to make each and every client completely satisfied with their project.